Our Mission

We’re here to glorify God and positively impact people’s lives through real estate.
We do this by helping people solve their difficult, and sometimes painful real estate problems in a way that’s fast, easy and fun!

Our Story

We’ve always been motivated by “Godly Impact” and helping people…

Simple House is a sales and marketing company that was founded in the fall of 2017 by Emily and Jon Binder because they saw that many people wanted a faster and easier way to sell their residential real estate.

In today’s world, people expect fast and easy service at the push of a button. Selling property the old way is not only slow and complicated, but can also be very stressful. Many people simply don’t want to spend their time, energy and money getting a home ready to sell. Instead, they want a fair, all-cash offer, with no fine print and a guaranteed closing date of their choice.

Simple House Offers, LLC was created with the mission of making the home sales process “Fast, Easy and Fun!” for our customers.